About Us

We (Kim and Bryce) reside on a beautiful quarter section of land where we call home, in the RM of Great Bend. We enjoy our dogs as part of our family. We are a small hobby kennel that loves our labradors.

Kim... as a youngster always had a passion for pooches! It was my grandfather that instilled the respect and quality of a well bred animal. I hear him now "Kimberly- if your going to take the time to love an animal they might as well be something you can be proud of!" Today we are very proud of our quality Labradors. Needless to say, this has not come without education and personal growth. At Labradors of Dunrovin we strive to compliment the CKC breed standard for Labradors. We recognize this through conformation showing and breeding to compliment a lovely line of quality Labradors.

Bryce... spends hours of his time exercising, training and enjoying the crew! He provides them with warmth, care, and general maintenance of their living quarters. We have seen him having in-depth conversations with very keen listeners - but don't tell anyone!!

We welcome you to take a glimpse into our lab-life and welcome inquires and comments!


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